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How to adopt from the rattery?

In order to adopt from EWR you will need to send me a text explaning why you have chosen my rattery to adopt from rather than any other and why you would be a good choice of adopter. 

If after reading your text I juge that you are a good candidate to adopt, you will then receive the adoption form to fill out. If you are not selected to adopt, I will let you know that your candidature has not been retained.

When I select my breeding pairs it is absolutely never based on any sort of waiting list. My couples are bred according to what I wish to improve and work on in my lines. It is possible for me to have multiple rats available at once or none at all for several months. I will still however, continue to post photos, videos and text updates of my current litters and projects although they wouldn't be available for adoption. 

In a nutshell, I will most likely not have many babies available all year round so you will need to be patient in if you really want to adopt EWR rats. The wait is long but I sincerely believe that it is worth every second of it.

Our rats leave in pairs/trio at a minimum of 8 weeks of age, after receiving their Revolution treatment for internal and external parasites. Each pair is 100.00CAD and each trio is 140.00CAD no matter the variety. Prices are not up for negociation. All our rats are sold with a limited 3 month health warranty that takes effect the moment you adopt them. All of our pups are garanteed NEGATIVE to the Seoul virus

If you are interested in rats for breeding, prices may vary as they would come with a full 4 generation pedigree and any notes concerning their lines.

HOW TO increase your chances of being approved?

1. If you are fluent in french and are a resident of the Québec province, you may join my group Le Groupe des Ratons Québécois on Facebook! 
Be active, ask questions! 

2. Like and Follow my page on Facebook

The wait time can vary immensely so I will no longer be giving approximate wait times. Generally the wait time will vary from 12 to 18 months. If you have already adopted from the rattery you obtain priority on adoptions however I still cannot give an approximation of the wait time. NO ADOPTION IS GARANTEED! Simply sending in an adoption form does not give you an automatic approval, there is an adoption process to be followed. 

Please take note that approved breeders will have priority on all adoptions. 

What are the steps I follow when I revise an adoption application form?

​1. I receive the adoption form. 

2. I save the adoption form as a PDF to my hard drive with the application date.

3. I receive a request to adopt rats posted on our available for adoption page.

4. I briefly review the application form and decide if the application form passes to the phone interview or not. If the form is not held back I will inform the person directly. If the application is held back I will then schedule a phone interview. 

5. I will then review the application form and note questions for the phone interview. 

6. When the phone interview comes, I will review the application form with the person and ask more questions. I will never give my final answer the phone as I want to have a moment to think after the interview. I will communicate via private message either on Facebook or by Email. 

No exceptions.