EWR nikita

Russian Wheaten Burmese Dumbo

ewr exxa

Russian Blue Berkshire Downunder Dumbo

EWR sasha

BE Seal Point Siamese Dumbo

EWR amazoness

Agouti Dumbo Velveteen Dwarf

RMBL asya

RE Seal Point Siamese Dumbo

EWR Trix

Russian Wheaten Burmese Dumbo

EWR adelyte

Aussie Mink (+?) Self Dumbo

ewr cassiopeia

Agouti Roan Dumbo

EWR princess peach

Agouti Berkshire Dumbo

Pixie'S Cocoa Puffs

Wheaten Burmese Chinchilla Dumbo Rex


Black Berkshire Dumbo Velveteen

ewr DeeDee

Black Variegated w/Headspot Downunder

EWR zia

Russian Burmese Dumbo

EWR malice

Agouti Dumbo Dwarf

EWR pumpkin pie

OE Fawn Blazed Varieberk Dumbo

ewr nala 

RE Seal Point Siamese Dumbo Silvermane

EWR Anichka

Russian Platinum Rex

EWR shreddies

Agouti Chinchilla

Our does​

Meet our founding does and their heritage

Some of the younger does pictured here may still be undergoing temperament and health evaluations, it is not garanteed they will be held back as breeders.

EWR anastasiya

BE Russian Agouti Point Siamese Dumbo

EWR looma

Agouti Variegated Downunder Dumbo

ewr marshmallow mateys

Russian Wheaten Chinchilla Dumbo

pixie's tofee

Wheaten Burmese Dumbo

©raterie limoges

EWR Black mamba

Black Self Dumbo Dwarf

EWR svetlana

BE Russian Agouti Point Siamese Dumbo

EWR beatrice

Agouti Dumbo Silvermane

ewr storm

BE Russian Blue Marten Himalayan Dumbo

EWR Miraya

Agouti Variegated w/Headspot Downunder Dumbo


Beige Varieberk

Rmbl sea

Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo

pixie's metalyka 

BE Cinnamon Marten Himalayan Irish Dumbo

ewr Fuzzy peach

Beige Varieberk w/Headspot Dumbo Hairless

rmbl alaska

Russian Blue Roan Dumbo

ewr princess raia

Agouti Berkshire Dumbo

pixie'S Mini Wheats

Wheaten Burmese Chinchilla Dumbo

ewr godiva

Chocolate Berkshire

rmbl saphyra

American Blue Agouti Irish Dumbo

EWR slavyanka

Aussie Mink Berkshire Rex

ewr harley quinn

RE Seal Point Siamese Berkshire Dumbo Velveteen

ewr mizu

Russian Blue Irish