©raterie limoges

ewr kernel 

BE Seal Point Siamese Irish Dumbo

ewr cap'n crunch

Agouti Rex

DCR raccoon

Black Irish Dumbo Silvermane


Triple Dilute Dumbo

EWR raymond

Cinnamon Irish Dumbo Silvermane

alt raphael

Silvered Dark Phase Pearl Merle Irish

EWR Grigory

BE Russian Agouti Point Siamese Dumbo

EWR Daredevil

RE Agouti Marten Dumbo Dwarf

ewr magneto 

RE Agouti Marten Himalayan Dumbo Velveteen Dwarf

EWR Thor

Cinnamon Pearl Dumbo Dwarf

RMBL grizzly 

Black Berkshire Dumbo Double Velveteen Dwarf

EWR Jace

Beige Berkshire

ewr zsasz

Agouti Varieberk w/Headspot Dumbo

EWR Ginger bread

Fawn Varieberk w/Headspot Dumbo

ewr mr big

UK Mink Berkshire Rex

EWR Kofe

Russian Coffee Berkshire

ewr cinnamon toast crunch

Cinnamon Irish

ewr oleg

RE Russian Agouti Point Siamese Dumbo

EWR vladimir

Russian Burmese Dumbo

EWR fuji

Agouti Roan

ewr léopold

Black Irish Dumbo Silvermane

EWR denali

Russian Blue Roan Dumbo

EWR zeynn

Black Berkshire Downunder Dumbo

ewr cable 

RE Agouti Marten Himalayan Dumbo Velveteen

EWR Cheetos

OE Patched/Blazed Variegated Whiteside Dumbo

pixie's Gryffindor 

RE Black Marten Himalayan Berkshire Dumbo

EWR Dom Perignon

Champagne Hooded Rex

Our bucks​

Meet our founding bucks and their heritage

Some of the younger bucks pictured here may still be undergoing temperament and health evaluations, it is not garanteed they will be held back as breeders.

SLRR Michaelangelo

Burmese Irish Satin

ewr Golum

Black Berkshire Dumbo Velveteen Hairless

EWR Luke cage

Agouti Dumbo Velveteen Dwarf

EWR Augustus

Aussie Mink (+?) Berkshire

ewr star fox

Fawn Irish

ewr koopa

American Blue Irish

pixie's Leonardo

Russian Blue Caped w/Headspot Variegated Downunder Dumbo

moonlights galaxy

Russian Burmese Dumbo Rex